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Our Services

1- Internal courier :

STS covered all cities in the republic through their branches which they receipt the shipments from clients and bring it to operations management then doing screening process and then deliver the shipment with each city to abranch of STS company at night , then deliver the shipment to clients during 24 hours in all cities in the republic through the deployed branches in all cities.

2- Incoming courier :

STS company covered through clients in all countries of the world the customer needs and that during five days by receipt the client shipment and deliver it door to door .

3- Out coming courier :

STS company working on better performance of services for their clients which they deliver the shipment during one hour from the client call through their delegate deployed in all regions and bring the shipments to operations mangement for screeing process,all this during 24-72 hours . Follow-up the shipment through policy number.
Following up the shipment through customer service in company.

4- Complex courier :

STS company receipt the complex shipment and sorting it through the operation management then deliver the shipments to clients bring the recipient name and delivery time then send a report deliverables at specific time apre-agreed between the client and sales department of STS company , if there is awrong address the company calls the client and correct the address then the shipment deleviered with addresses that has been corrected to the client .

5- Propaganda courier :

This service by agreement with the client for doing apropagande to client by distribtion of brochures of customer ID during a specific time and specific places.

6- Shipping services (cargo ): :

STS company through the relevant section of cargo whether incoming or outcoming they provide the best services,prices,airlines and shipments as well as time .

7- Ship and shap:

STS has the possibility of buying ( alvear ) from different places of world and deliver it to client`s door at very short time.

8- Vector courier :

Available at STS company large base of data to different areas from clients where it provides data for distribution of each different client base.

9- Collection :

STS company through the collection department they are collection of the different cities in egypt whether the collection of cash or checks or money orders and deliver it in the next day directly and buy conditions book from all the states of the republic.

10- Customs clearance:

STS has extractors in all egyptian airports and ports and they ready to took the clearance process at the shipment of clients during very short time and there is advantage that after the clearance of shipments they deliver it to the client through company vehicles which deployed at all airports and ports.

11- Packing and packaging:

STS company has aspecialized departments of packing and packaging and storage at the the company`s stores.

12- Same day:

STS company delievered in the same day at very short time in cairo and the most of republic cities.
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